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Thread: Origin of the pirate accent?

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    Origin of the pirate accent?

    I've heard me mateys in the fo'castle arguing about this.

    They reckon that it's a West Country accent from England - because Plymouth was the main port where all the pirates set sail from when they went to plunder the Carribean - so they hired a crew of scurvy dogs from the local area.

    People in that part of the world do talk a bit like that:


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    Re: Origin of the pirate accent?

    The origin is Hollywood.

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    Re: Origin of the pirate accent?

    I recall this being mentioned on QI.

    Robert Newton played Long John Silver in the 1950 Disney film of Treasure Island. He happened to be born in Dorset, England and so he had a south-east english accent (west country, cornish, whatever the proper term for that is).

    Because that was one of the first portrayals of a treasure-island style pirate in a talking moveie (afaik), his accent has simply become the stereotypical pirate accent.
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