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Thread: Lanshark!!

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    Has anyone tried this? This thing ROCKS. What an easy way to share files between Ubuntu boxes...I've had lots of problems with Samba and this is all I needed. Works in like 4 clicks! Here's the .deb

    Lanshark is a free filesharing tool for local area networks. Lanshark allows you to share files with other users in the same network more efficiently. It automatically detects other lanshark users in the same Network and lets you browse trough their shares. Lanshark has a very fast search function that allows you to search through all the shares in the whole network in just a few seconds!

    P.S. I guess it works cross platform too
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    Wink Re: Lanshark!!

    Hi, friends!
    Lanshark is an great app but the getdeb link is broken.
    Here is the working link:
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    Re: Lanshark!!

    have you guys found any documentation or forums on this software? I'm looking into it for a school LAN, and I really like the cross compatibility with Mac and PC. I'm not able to find how to share more than one location - what's up with that?


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