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Thread: Edbuntu vs Ubuntu user

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    Edbuntu vs Ubuntu user

    Sorry if this is an easy one to find documentation for but I searched and did not find it. I recently installed Ubuntu.

    Here's what I would like to do now - When I would login as me default to Ubuntu and setup my grandkids with logins that will default to Edbuntu. Where do I start?

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    Re: Edbuntu vs Ubuntu user

    Open your package manager (Synaptic) and search edubutu. You will find several packages that relate to what you want. edubuntu-menus seems very appropriate for you.

    You will have to install edubuntu itself too. It looks like you can select which parts depending on the need-but I'm not totally sure-you may need to install the entire edubuntu package.

    Once you have all that you can use the users & groups applet (from System > Admin) to manage your other users.
    Alternate ( Ubuntu info resource

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