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Thread: rugged installation delema

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    rugged installation delema

    Having a problem, burned an 8.0.4 Ubuntu image that I
    tried to install a few times, messed around with gparted for 3 days and got 804 to fully install, I was so happy! except... I did something stupid,I forgot the user name I entered during install...
    so I started all over again..
    step one low level format and try to install again.
    the morning I woke up as format was done, popped in a DVD version since I scratched my cdrom version... I loaded Ubuntu 6 times before it actually loaded correctly (rugged kernel is still going for 2 days =) )
    right now im getting an i/o error telling me to clean my cd rom or fix my HD or shoot myself (kidding) when it stops at 32%
    I have a few fairly complicated questions coming from a newbie.
    a while back I heard a clean install was a pain in the Bat if there is no operating system present, and im feeling it right now.
    in short I don't know if its my 3 year old motherboard, hard drive bad cd burn, bad cd-rom. my brain? hmm..

    I downloaded a slitaz Linux iso thats about 28~megs.. I cant get my cd-rom out to burn the image... Linux is running of of it.
    how would I check if my CD-Rom dvd burner is going bad?
    my hard drive seems fine, I can only hear the pin going from one side of the drive to the other... but Linux-Swap is *on the end of my hard drive so I guess its reading from the end and writing to the front, (normal)? click click* but formats and everything seems fine, I think its OK (opinion)
    right now id kinda like to do a manual partition thing when installing Linux, like manually prepare hard drive then, manually install.

    how do I best disklabal for a 100% Linux system for best newbie results do I: gtp loop msdos or bsd?
    How do I properly partition a 320~gb hard drive and in what order EG boot prep raid..etc, and sizes.. how would you do it if you where to go for say a perfect Ubuntu partition layout?
    right now I have Ubuntu loaded from the CD... so there must be a way to get it to work.
    Am I going in the completely wrong direction? is there a simple way to get around all of this?
    sorry for my broken English, my main language is Russian.
    P.S please help, my head hurts, im going at this for almost a week now.
    p.s.s I detest any microyouknowwhat from ever being on my hard drive ever again.
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    Re: rugged installation delema

    ok figured out the partition part here

    one down.

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