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Thread: Cannot remove package

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    Cannot remove package

    Hey all, sure this has been asked and I've found several post about similar situations with different packages. Anyways I just installed Ubuntu server and I'm trying to set it up for a static IP. First question is after following this post

    I'm unclear what the broadcast field is and whether or not I need it and if so what the address should be.

    The other problem I am having is when trying to remove the dhcp-client package I get an error stating 'Virtual packages like 'dhcp-client' can't be removed'

    Is there any way to get rid of it? Do I really have to? And if I don't does it leave a security hole open? Thanks.

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    Re: Cannot remove package

    In my static network configuration, I only use the fields
    - address
    - netmask
    - gateway

    I haven't removed dhcp-client, because it doesn't hurt to be there and it won't be used.


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