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Thread: If your Favorite Linux Distro was a game...

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    If your Favorite Linux Distro was a game...

    If your favorite Linux distro was a game what would it be like?

    It takes place in a magical forest where a Unicorn, a Tahr and a Vervet Monkey team up to save the planet from being destroyed by the MS Police! and they save everyone from being turned into Windows-powered robots! :O

    and yes, Tux and a GNU appear in it too.
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    Re: If your Favorite Linux Distro was a game...

    But shouldn't GNU be the main character? Since it is GNU/Linux Distro (The GNU OS + The Linux Kernel)

    Mine will be my own (LFS, probably. Not shure yet.).

    Ufo GNU/Linux:

    Everyone is in the future, racing in UFOs! They have to beat MS, the powerful, monopolizing racing champion! Only using there sleek, fast, and futuristic design (and good driving ) can they win!
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