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Thread: mythexport ignoring commercial flagging ...

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    mythexport ignoring commercial flagging ...

    I came from knoppmyth to mythbuntu, but what I lost in the process was that the transcoded videos (for iphone/ipod) do not remove the commercials like before. I used myth2ipod to convert the recorded videos on knoppmyth.

    is there a simple flag for using the cutlist with /usr/bin/mythexport, or do I have to switch encoding system?

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    Re: mythexport ignoring commercial flagging ...

    You would need to transcode them first. Over on there was an automatic commercial flag removal script, but I was never happy with the results. Because things can go so wrong I always felt the user should be involved when removing commercials. So you can either do them by hand or get the automatic script into place, do either of them and then use mythexport.


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