Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I'm Allen and I'm in Opp, AL. I've been messing with Linux since 2000 with various distros. Took a break for a while but have always had a Linux machine around. Got back into it full steam with Gutsy...the moved to Hardy. So far, I have it on four systems in my home including this Dell 1525 laptop and it's working beautifully on all. I loaded Hardy on my daughter's computer a couple days ago. She actually came to me as she was fed up with M$. So far, she's learning quickly and loving it. Her machine flies with Hardy and she's happy. Good enough for me I use my Hardy laptop at work every day (radio station program director) and on my main system at home as well as another older machine in my ham (radio) shack for logging and PSK31 (LinPSK) with a homebrew radio interface.

Hopefully I can pick up some more knowledge and maybe even share some of what I have learned. I'm by no means a Linux guru or IT specialist...just a normal guy loving Ubuntu and wanting to learn enought to be able to give back