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Thread: Intel GMA X3100 or Ati X1200

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    Question Intel GMA X3100 or Ati X1200

    I'm going to buy a laptop next week and i have a question for you. I have got 2 choice, first one got intel t2330, 2gb ddr2 667mhz ram and intel x3100 graphic card. And the second one got amd turion x64 (1.86mhz) 2 gb ddr2 667mhz ram and ati x1200 graphic card. Which one do you prefer for a little bit gaming? Before I got Ati and it makes me mad, actually i prefer nvidia but i haven't got much money. Playing like Warcraft 3, Stronghold, GTA3, Vice City, Doom 3, WoW, Guild Wars and Half Life 2 series. Any chance to play this games with this cards and which one get more performance?


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    Re: Intel GMA X3100 or Ati X1200

    If you are getting new can you not upgrade to an nvidia, im sure you wont regret it, I had issues with ATI drivers running simple games 3D graphics
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    Re: Intel GMA X3100 or Ati X1200

    yeah i got too. i had a ati 9600xt and i played games with cedega very poor. i want nvidia but laptop's price gone too far for me. but i'm searching for a good one. if i can't find i think i am going to buy a laptop has got x3100 graphics.

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