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Thread: Can I upgrade my laptop?

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    Can I upgrade my laptop?

    I have a presario c500 series notebook.

    I have read that there are many differen't various c500 models.

    Mine is a c552us.

    Is there a way to upgrade my hardware (processor, motherbored ect) so it runs better?

    I would like to have a faster processor and video card. I know everything is integrated, but I was wondering if I could put more powerful hardware in from the more powerful notebooks in the c500 series.

    I know hp won't tell you ( they want you to spend money instead of going the cheap rout, but I'm poor lol)

    Input and links would be greatly appreciated.

    **note it's already been a year since I have had this so there is now worry about voiding a warranty**

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    Re: Can I upgrade my laptop?

    Let me start by saying I would advise against this. For most laptops, it's okay to upgrade ram, but beyond that, it's tricky business. I've ruined at least 2 despite all my experience with desktops. As a matter of fact, I've had a 100% success rate with desktops (building, dismantling, upgrading, etc.) and close to 0% with laptops. People think experience with desktops makes them able to work well with laptops, but that's usually not the case, as I learned the hard way...

    I'm not familiar with your particular laptop, but I do have a Presario C700, and I wouldn't be caught dead trying to do anything more than upgrading ram. With all that said, you may find some help here should you decide to go ahead and tinker.

    I don't think anything there is exactly what you're looking for, but there should be something that's at least similar to get you started on the right track. (You don't really want to replace your motherboard do you? That sounds like a suicide mission...)
    My main system: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.1Ghz, Nvidia 8800GT, 4GB RAM, Debian Lenny/Windows 7 dual-boot. My laptop (Compaq C700): Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz, Intel X3100, 1GB RAM, Ubuntu Lucid.

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    Re: Can I upgrade my laptop?

    Everything KSPNCR says is true. However if you are still looking to wreck your system, here is what I've found...

    Just a quick look at Ebay "C552US motherboard" and it appears that the HP C500 line uses a common motherboard with ZIF socket. Also, Newegg lists the video chipset of the C522US as a GMA950 which was primarily used with the i940 and i945 mobile chipsets. Both support Core Solo processors and 2GB 533DDR2.

    So, you could get a decent CPU (Core Solo CPUs go up to 2.5GHz) and Memory upgrade. Questions are whether the c552us' bios would recognise the new cpu and what the limit on cooling efficiency the provided heatsink has. Maybe it'd work, maybe not. Maybe updating the bios would help, maybe not. My *SWAG would say, find out what the fastest CPU HP plugged into your notebook's plastic and Google the hell out of any differences.

    As far as upgrading video; not gonna happen. You're stuck with the 950GMA. So no hardware acceleration of T&L, no hardware shaders, blah blah blah... So gaming will still suck.

    Personally I've had "good luck" judiciously upgrading zif socket notebooks, but if you value your time it's usually cheaper to get a second job as a waiter and buy a new system with the proceeds. You need to gather more specific information and unless you happen upon someone who has done an upgrade on your notebook and/or find a service manual for the model line (I don't have one) probability of success is an unknown value.

    Whatever you decide, have fun hacking.

    * SWAG = Scientific Wild *** Guess = ???

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