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arjay1: After some more research, I found instructions here for installing this driver that should be easier to follow than those on the German forum that I linked to earlier. (The German instructions don't work well because they're based on a dead link; they're also a little out of date. And of course they're in German, which I can only barely read thanks to some obscure college course on the DDR, but I digress.)

Brilliant mate. Worked first time on my PCLinuxOS machine which has an ethernet connection anyway, but I used it to follow the links as a test exercise.

Then I copied over the firmware and compat-wireless to the notebook I need it on because there is no working ethernet socket. It looks like it will work OK, but, unfortunately, the lubuntu install is very light on needed files. For example, it has no gcc which is needed to compile compat-wireless etc.

I have tried to download gcc on another PC and copy it over but it is complaining that it is the wrong version and there are also missing dependencies.

Any idea how to install the right version of gcc for the lubuntu kernel without any internet connection? (gcc is not even on the CDROM!!)

Kernel is lubuntu...

Very fine work on the guide and on your continued support.