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Thread: Grub loading stage 1.5 ..hang up!

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    Grub loading stage 1.5 ..hang up!

    Based on my research this is such an old issue I'm surprised it still exists at stage.

    I have 2 machines at home a desk top and a lap top. Did a successful Wubi install on my lap top of Ubuntu 8.04.
    I tried to do the same for my desktop and so far its been a nightmare.

    My machine hangs up at .."Grub loading 1.5" every time. I can't get to either XP (my original OS) or Ubuntu. I have made all the back-ups I need and will concede the drive and start over...but I can't even get XP to reload.

    I have gone several times and reinstalled Ubuntu ...only to have the same results. And so at this stage with multiple attempts to install Ubuntu ..which indicates the install was successfull HD is all messed up.

    In my many attempts I've installed Ubuntu fully, partially ..manually ...and after the reboot it still hangs at ..."grub 1.5".

    I've made all the back-ups I need so its no problem to start anew ...but how to get out of this cycle is the big question?

    I have also tried to boot from the CD and from the help forum saw where want a few codes into ...grub/boot/menu.lst topoint to the installer ...but from the CD environment ...can't save the changes to the files. I get a message saying I don't have priievilige.

    I have screwed up my HD ... and no longer want XP on my system ..and would prefer to do a full install for Ubuntu ...but I can't get out of this cycle!!! I've read a few posts ..but everytime it appears people assume you can either go to XP or some alternative environment ...which is not my case. I tried to reinstall XP ...but it fails everytime.

    And I burned gparted boot CD ...but I have no clue what to do with the prompts I'm getting ...furthermore ..this seems like a means to partition my drive. I'm through the partitioning concept ...I just want to run Ubunto period ....HELP!!!!!!

    Please ...don't assume I've lived the last few years using Ubuntu ...I'm new. So please try to be very descriptive with your responses. Thanks.

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    Re: Grub loading stage 1.5 ..hang up!

    I feel your frustration just hang in there. Have a look at this site they have a lot of good information on installing Ubuntu the proper way.

    Just look at the part about installing Ubuntu using the entire drive.

    If you have any other problems with the install just let us know using this thread.

    Good luck....


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