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Thread: IMDB MPAA rating trouble

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    Question IMDB MPAA rating trouble

    Hey guys, I'm new to MythTV so maybe I'm missing something. I just downloaded and installed Mythbuntu, and I'm still doing setup. The issue is that when I attempt to retrieve the Movie info from IMDB it didn't show MPAA rating or Plot info.

    I did some search here and updated the script with a new one and now the plots appear but the MPAA rating still does not...

    I used the same script as others, but after searching these forums it seems that no one has this issue. Any ideas?

    My MPAA line looks like this:
     # parse MPAA rating
       my $ratingcountry = "USA";
       my $movierating = trim(parseBetween($response, ">MPAA</a>:</h5>", "</div>"));
       if (!$movierating) {
           $movierating = parseBetween($response, ">Certification:</h5>", "</div>");
           $movierating = parseBetween($movierating, "certificates=$ratingcountry",
           $movierating = parseBetween($movierating, ">", "<");
    I'm looking on the IMDB website and I'm not seeing the MPAA rating... Can someone confirm that the Ratings actually work with IMDB and MythTV?
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