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Thread: Macbook 5,3: blank screen when trying to run 11.04

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    Macbook 5,3: blank screen when trying to run 11.04

    I am currently running Lucid 10.04 without problems and would like to upgrade to 11.04. I created a startup disk on a USB stick with the 11.04 64-bit iso.

    When I boot, rEFIT gives me the option of booting from the USB stick. I do that and get a menu with 3 options:

    Try ubuntu with out installing
    Install Ubuntu
    Check disk for errors

    When I try the "Try ubuntu without installing" option, I get a blank screen indefinitely (I tried waiting 20+ minutes).

    After some searching I found the suggestion to use the kernel option: "nouveau,noaccel=1".

    When I insert that line into the options, it outputs a lot of initialization text, finds hardware etc, but then hangs without starting GDM.

    If I replace those options with "nomodeset", it boots successfully to a command prompt, but I can't start GDM from that either.

    Anyone know what to do? Thanks!
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