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Thread: need help with dual monitor setup

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    need help with dual monitor setup

    i'm a newbie and have just installed ubuntu 8.04 on my pc.

    i've also installed the new catalyst 8.7, my video card is the hd4850.

    i'm trying to setup dual monitor. i have a 24" lcd and a 17" crt.

    i tried setting up dual monitor in the catalyst control centre -> display manager, but it detects my lcd as monitor 2 and crt as monitor 1 when i select the identify display button.

    the problem is in ccc my lcd is monitor 1 and crt, monitor 2.

    because of this i cant set both monitors as one big display. the computer thinks my lcd is the crt and vice versa.

    can anybody help me please?

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    Re: need help with dual monitor setup

    You can swap that around in the CCC, you can just drag the 2 box to the left in the display manager screen and they will swap. It worked for me when I set up my 24 and 19 inch monitors for big desktop with my HD3650.


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