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Thread: Problem with variable width font in mozilla

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    Unhappy Problem with variable width font in mozilla

    Since I reinstalled seamonkey this week I find that when editing html pages, using the seamonkey composer, whenever I select the font to be "variable width" some characters are not displayed correctly.

    The "i" character, for instance, appears to be treated as if it has zero width. The cursor, however, behaves correctly, so that the more "i" characters typed, the further the cursor is from the end of the line which I am trying to type. This makes it impossible to use variable width font.

    Everything reverts to normal as soon as I change the selected font type to "Times", for example. The times font is also variable width, but does not have this problem.

    Is this a problem with SeaMonkey, or with the latest Ubuntu linux, or both?

    Does anyone know if there is way around this - apart from not using the "variable width" font (which is the default font)?
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    Re: Problem with variable width font in mozilla

    Uninstall the previous and install the latest version of Mozilla 6. Hope every problem should be solved.

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