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Thread: Best PCI Tuner for Comcast Digital OOB

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    Best PCI Tuner for Comcast Digital OOB


    I'm setting up a Mythbuntu 8.04 box to record Comcast digital shows (QAM tuner?). I need a recommendation for a USB or PCI tuner (NOT PCIe) that works well with 8.04 out of the box.

    I just spent weeks trouble-shooting the Plextor TV402U for analog. It works but there are all these kernel downgrades/mods to get the sound working and the volume is still too low. Plus, I found out that it didn't support auto-tuning, so I have to poke channels into it one at a time. PITA.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Best PCI Tuner for Comcast Digital OOB

    I purchased the HDHomeRun for this. I was using the HDHR for OTA HD and it worked very well. I have now moved (in the process actually) the HDHR to a new home. It's hooked up to Comcast and I'm only receiving the local channels. Everything else is encrypted. It's crap.

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    Re: Best PCI Tuner for Comcast Digital OOB

    is a good list. Make sure you the channels you want are available via unencrypted QAM first.

    I've used the Kworld ATSC 110/115s
    Dvico fusion 5 lite
    pchdtv 5500

    I'd just go with whatever one you could find the cheapest since setup isn't much different for any of them.
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