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Thread: anagram war

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    anagram war

    I just invented this, so I don't know how it will turn out.

    Each post gives a new English word using the letters of the above word. The goal is to reach a goal word, but you can be an adversary.

    Basal Rules:
    - With each turn, you may junk 1 letter and/or introduce 1 new letter.
    - If the word is long, you can junk multiple letters as long as the result is at least 7+ letters, but this option precludes the introduction of new letters.
    - Junked letters can't be revived on the following turn, unless that poster gives you permission. Announce which letters you just junked.

    - Repeated letters become distinct units, so you can't just junk all the A's in banana, for example.
    - You may invalidate a post and all that derive from it if 1) a search in a reputable dictionary doesn't reveal the word and 2) they didn't provide their own reference. Action must be taken within 8 hours of the post. Don't misspell words!

    Starting word: microsoft
    Since I decided that "linux" is too difficult:
    Goal word: kernel
    Last edited by haplorrhine; December 5th, 2014 at 09:28 PM. Reason: I'm done refining the rules now. Go on, play the game.


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