Hi all,

I just tried to install Intrepid on an old del computer. It's a 1ghz p-4, 512MB ram and a 30GB hard drive. Video is an OLD Riva TNT2 AGP graphics card.

Anyway, The install seems to go fine but when the system reboots all I get is a command prompt and no gui. I tried a couple of things but being a newbie at this I didn't get anything done.

The last boot I booted into recovery mode. After the boot I was presented with a menu with things to repair and I selected to fix the X-server. That seemed to run ok and I rebooted again. This time I got the gui. In the lower panel, there was also the adept-notifier icon telling me that I had 220 updates ready. But when I click on the icon, nothing happens. When I clicked on it repeatedly (just a little frustrated) I noticed that the adept-UPDATER icon would flash quickly, but nothing happened after that.

I then tried running adept package manager from the applications menu. That started and asked me for a password. I put in my password but I kept getting a message that it was invalid. I tried a few others too (including just pressing enter) just to see what would happen, but I can't find the correct password.

Any ideas as to what I should do?



P.S. Capslock was not on