I'm still relatively new to Ubuntu. I had Gutsy for about two days before someone told me I could fix a problem by upgrading to Hardy, and that went really smoothly. On the other hand, I hadn't really had a chance to play around in Gutsy yet, or set things up in any particular way, or...anything.

As I recall, the move to Hardy was really simple. I let the update manager take care of it, and all it needed from me was a restart. Everything I'd done so far was preserved.

Is it always like that?

I'm really happy with Hardy. Everything's working great... or as great as I can reasonably expect, anyway. (I just discovered that I can't play Heroes of Might and Magic III for some stupid reason, even though it installed just great under Wine--the disc isn't recognized!) So I'm a little apprehensive about Intrepid looming on the horizon.

I KNOW I'm going to want to upgrade because... well... upgrade! But is that necessarily a good idea? Is there a chance that upgrading will bork something on my computer? If I don't like the upgrade, can I revert?

Does Dell ever actually get around to releasing custom versions of the updates? As far as I know, I still don't have their Hardy, and they still distribute Gutsy. Should I have waited for their Hardy?

I know I'm jumping the gun, here, but I'm just sort of new to the experience of such a short release cycle. I'd appreciate any thoughts.