I know this has been a long discussed topic, but I am still unable to find the answers to my question. Ubuntu 7.10 worked like a charm with a little configuration. With 8.04, everything worked right out of the box (from update OR a fresh install). However, my sound doesn't function correctly.

I don't know exactly what's going on, but if I'm running rhythmbox then adobe flash can't make sound, or if I'm running a flash program, rhythmbox won't make sound. The strange thing is that as long as I'm not running rhythmbox (or for that matter any other multimedia program), I can run multiple flash programs simultaneously and they'll all make sound.

It's probably a real newb thing to say, but it's as if the sound device isn't threading? My device is the standard HDA intel audio device that comes on the vostros.

Thanks for any help!

Oh, my mic isn't working either, but I hear there isn't any way to get it running on a vostro at all. If anybody did, please let me know!