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Thread: Newbie - Buffer I/O error

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    Newbie - Buffer I/O error

    Hello folks, i have been trying to install 8.04.1 today to no avail.
    Below are the machine specs:

    Abit AB9 Pro Motherboard
    Intel E6600 1.8Ghz Dual Core
    ATI X19050 Pro GFX Card
    3 HDs
    1 DVD-RW drive
    No Floppy Drive
    Windows Vista Installed

    I get the CD to boot find and loads me at the menu to select “Install Ubuntu”, I hit it and the orange progress bar shows for a few min then the screen becomes test with the flowing error:
    “Buffer I/O error on device fd0 – logical block 0”

    It does show other stuff but it keeps looping to the above error and sits there spooling out text then back to the error


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    Re: Newbie - Buffer I/O error

    It looks like it trying to find the floppy drive, try adding "all_generic_ide" as a boot option.
    At the main menu press F6 and add at the end of the line
    then enter.
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    Re: Newbie - Buffer I/O error

    You may also want to check if the BIOS thinks there is a floppy drive hooked up. If so, disable it.
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    Re: Newbie - Buffer I/O error

    got the floppy sorted, disabled it in the bios but now am getting a new screen with BusyBox on it and just a cmd line interface

    now am lost


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