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Thread: Adept is...meh.

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    Adept is...meh.

    You know, there's a lot I've always liked about Kubuntu. Its default settings conform more to my preferences than OpenSUSE, I don't usually have to deal with dependency hell, and I think it's easier overall to use. My hat is off to the Kubuntu devs in that respect...

    ...but Adept is STILL a stinker.

    Sorry, guys, but it's true. I've tried to get used to using Adept for quite a while now but it's simply nowhere near as intuitive as Synaptic.

    I'll give you a simple example. When I hover my mouse over the green box which represents installed packages in the State family of tags, the tooltip says "Show installed packages". Huh? Does that mean that it's showing installed packages or does it mean that it will show installed packages if I click on it? It happens to be the former, but you wouldn't be able to tell easily because it's ambiguous. Why not have the tooltip say something like "Showing installed packages" or "Showing installed packages, click to hide installed packages" to make it clearer.

    If I click on the green box to de-select installed packages and hover my mouse over the now-gray box, the tooltip still says..."Show installed packages". Again, the tooltip ought to be clarified here.

    I know that the icons are colored when they're selected and grayed out when they're not, but this distinction can sometimes be difficult to make. The box for "not installed", for example, doesn't look all that much different whether it's selected or de-selected.

    Here are a few more issues I've got with Adept:
    *Why not save all of the finer details about a package for the "details" tab? I'd like it better if you'd click on a package in the "search" tab, you'd see just the version installed (if it IS installed), version available and the option to install/remove/upgrade it.
    *Why isn't there an option to re-install packages like there is in Synaptic?
    *In the "changes" tab, why not rename the "Upgrade" button to something a little more informative, like "Mark Available Upgrades"?
    *I think "Cancel Changes" would be a better choice of words than "Revert Changes".

    I can see that a lot of effort was put into the new version of Adept, but it's still nowhere near as nice as Synaptic. Synaptic is simpler, easier to use, and I have yet to have any trouble finding a package with it. I'd honestly like to see it replace Adept in Kubuntu.

    What say you? I can't be alone in feeling frustrated with Adept.
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    Re: Adept is...meh.

    I know about the rivalry between gtk and qt, but this is clear cut. Synaptic wins hands down. At the moment Adept is frustrating to say the least. They both use apt-get too.

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    Re: Adept is...meh.

    i tried adept only once and i don't understand how this piece of software survived for so long on the brutal landscape of FOSS. my only guess is that it was the only GUI for KDE with apt-get backend.
    packagekit looks intuitive comparted to adept and that says a lot how bad adept is since i think that packagekit GTK fronted is a mess.
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