What we will need is one file from Pete's GPU Page and another file from Pete's SPU Page, which is P.E.Op.S. Soft GPU plug-in and P.E.Op.S. Linux OSS/ALSA PSX SPU. By the way, they aren't zip files but tarballs. What is a tarball? Well, more or less its the same thing as a zip file but it is more common in the world of Linux. (I can hear the Linux community now, crying. Tarballs aren't the same as Zip Files! I know!) Don't worry, they are easy to deal with. Once you download those two files, move them to your "plugins" folder inside the "epsxe" folder. Head to your terminal and type in the follow: tar xzvf spupeopsoss109.tar.gz tar xzvf gpupeopssoftx118.tar.gz When I move them to that folder it says There was an error moving the file into /usr/local/games/epsxe/plugins Error moving file: Permission denied