Hi, guys.

I'm currently using UbuntuStudio 8.04 in my home studio. Anyway, it seems that my hardware specs are a little outdated. I'll probably have to buy a newer and better motherboard, add more ram, add a better HDD with more storage space along with a new processor and a new soundboard (m-audio delta 44 or sth like that).
That's all I'm planning to do. My currently specs are:
- MB Asus K8u-x with bundled sound card
- NVIDIA 128mb
- AMD+ 3200, 64 bit
- 1gb ram
- 250gb HDD

So, if I do this... Will UbuntuStudio boot normally? Do I have to reinstall it all over again?
Any suggestions?
(I hope I'm not breaking any rules)

See you.