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Thread: From AVI TO DVD

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    From AVI TO DVD

    Hi all, Ive been looking for program to convert AVI to DVD, did find Avidemux,but is complicated and dont know if it works,looking for something like ConvertoDVD

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    Re: From AVI TO DVD

    Install Devede, job done !

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    Re: From AVI TO DVD

    i use a python script i made, along with nautilus actions (same sorta method as the imdb thing that's linked in my profile). you'll have to edit the paths to things, as i doubt you have a hard drive called giantpeach

    #! /usr/bin/python
    import sys, os, optparse, os.path
    print "========================================"
    print "about to create a dvd..."
    print "========================================"
    from optparse import OptionParser
    parser = OptionParser()
    parser.add_option("-i", "--input", action="store", type="string", dest="video")
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
    os.system("mkdir /tmp/iso")
    os.system("ffmpeg -i " + `` + " -target pal-dvd /tmp/iso/1.mpg")
    os.system("dvdauthor -o /tmp/dvdparts/DVD/ -t /tmp/iso/1.mpg")
    os.system("dvdauthor -o /tmp/dvdparts/DVD/ -T")
    os.system("mkisofs -dvd-video -v -o /tmp/iso/DVD.iso /tmp/dvdparts/DVD")
    os.system("rm -r /tmp/dvdparts/DVD/")
    os.system("rm /tmp/iso/1.mpg")
    myPath =
    (dirName, fileName) = os.path.split(myPath)
    (fileBaseName, fileExtension)=os.path.splitext(fileName)
    os.system("mv /tmp/iso/DVD.iso /media/giantpeach/film" + `fileBaseName` +".iso")
    raw_input('Hit enter to remove intermediary files')
    print "removing files and folders DVD, 1.mpg that were used during processing"
    os.system("rm -r /tmp/dvdparts/DVD/")
    os.system("rm /tmp/iso/1.mpg")
    with this i just right-click on a .avi file and i can select 'convert to dvd' from the menu (once i add it with nautilus-actions)

    there's also tovid or gui programs like devede and mandvd if you want to create menus or are converting episodes to dvd.


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