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Thread: ATI hd 2400 pro help!

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    Angry ATI hd 2400 pro help!

    hello unfortunately my hd 2400 pro doesnt seem to be working with ubuntu, this is bad as anything 3d turns into a slideshow. the card is detected, but it just doesnt seem to be doing anything. I urgently need help as my computer is functioning very slow.

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    Re: ATI hd 2400 pro help!

    Are you sure that 3D acceleration is enabled?

    Try the below in a terminal to find out:

    glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"
    The output will probably be 'No' which will mean that all 3D rendering is being done by the CPU hence the slowness.

    Homestly, I doubt this card will be supported by the free drivers currently in Ubuntu and I can't really recommend the ATI driver. I tried it once, against my better judgement, and my computer would reboot every time I tried to log in.

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