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Thread: Console Bell (Beep) Not Working in 8.04

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    Console Bell (Beep) Not Working in 8.04

    Well, I finally upgraded my SERP3 to 8.04 (32-bit) and after tweaking some things I'd done to GRUB and the nVidia driver I seem to have a fully functional system except for one issue: the console bell is not working.

    After I first upgraded the console bell was extremely loud and obnoxious, so I ran the System76 driver in the hope that that would fix it. After I rebooted I found that I can no-longer get the console bell to go off at all. I have checked that pcspkr is loaded, that the "Enable system beep" is checked in GNOME, that "Terminal bell" is enabled in gnome-terminal, and that the length and frequency of the bell are non-zero. So, I'm scratching my head here a bit wondering why I don't have a beep, especially since the beep is not working on my virtual consoles either. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Console Bell (Beep) Not Working in 8.04

    It's gone on my computer too.

    Not too long ago, someone was complaining about the beep because it couldn't be adjusted/turned off. Turned out it was a feature that hadn't been developed fully and thus had bugs filed against it.

    Looks like maybe they removed the feature all together to stop complaints until that get it fixed.
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