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Thread: Setting Up Webcam

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    Setting Up Webcam

    I have a new webcam (the Zonet ZVC7100), but when I plugged it in and opened Ekiga to test it, it said that /dev/video0 couldn't be used. Any idea how I can get it to work? And how do I test it once I think it is working?

    The driver I need to get it working is the Vimicro/ZC0305, amd according to, it is under the List of 'Fiddle to Get Working' Webcams. The wiki is also only for 7.10, although it says "(AMD64) Works with skype"--I am running AMD64 and Skype

    Under the driver column it says "gspca v. 20071224"

    I am running 64-bit Hardy.

    Thanks in advance.
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