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Thread: Nvidia card re-post

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    Nvidia card re-post

    i posted this same question an hour ago in the hardware section but i only got 3 veiws and no answers for a fairly simple question. so i'll preform taboo so that i might get an answer within that next day...

    "im just about tired of my graphics card crapping out on me (an ATI radeon x1050 which was made for Vista) and want something more linux compatible.

    so my time on the fourums seem to show tht ATI and Linux are not very good bedmates and that Nvidia seems more at home. my compy is old something like 3-5 years old.

    it only has a normal PCI adapter. so what is the best card i could get? also if you could throw out the price as well that would be great (im a poor college kid and budget is tight)."

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    Re: Nvidia card re-post

    All PCI cards are overpirced due to the fact that there are many people in your situation in which you need a video card and have no PCI-x16 slot. You won't find much gaing oriented so I would aim for cheap.

    Also, ATI supported the PCI interface longer than Nvdidia so ATI has a better selection of PCI cards.

    If gaming isn't an issue and you just want destop visual effects such as compiz I would go with a 5200 but if you want some very lite gaming such as openareana I would pay a little extra and get the 5500.

    Remember, for the price of the new card you could have a new board ready to drop in any PCI-x16 card.

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    Re: Nvidia card re-post

    You need a PCI card? Or do you have an AGP slot available? You can look in your should be a smaller brown slot above the PCI slots.

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