Howdy folks! Here's my problem:

* Running 8.04
* Dual boot between ubuntu and xp
* bought new video card (nv8600 gt) to put in my dell xps400 and got it working by following a how to somewhere on web. basically had to interrupt boot process and run nvidia config from there.
* bought wireless NIC from netgear and finally got it working by using ndiswrapper
* came home today and tried to reboot back into ubuntu after a brief interlude into the world of microsoft (mostly getting rid of some programs and trying to get fedora 9 to work in VM ware).

Now i get a fail on boot saying "chmod cannot access /dev/video0 no such file"
and after opting to go to safe graphics mode, it doesn't appear that my wireless NIC is being recognized anymore either.

anybody got any suggestions on what to look at. I have enjoyed ubuntu for a few months now, and can go back and load the required information but I need to know how I broke it in the first place.