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Thread: display keeps changing to 800x600

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    downloading the driver - changing and saving the Nvidia resolution

    Thanks to Jualin for the part in bold, the resolution is finally staying put.

    download latest driver from Nvidia

    sudo apt-get install build-essential libxft-dev
    sudo /etc/init.d/gdm/ stop
    cd /home/loginname/Desktop/downloads/
    sudo sh
    yes, ok, yes, ok
    cd ... (optional)
    cntr-alt-del ... (or sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart)

    > applications > accessories > terminal
    sudo nvidia-settings
    This didn't work from the command prompt previously.

    back to the desktop
    > applications > system tools > nvidia X server settings
    > X server display configuration
    > "tab" to resolution
    > "space bar" to open
    > "arrow" to 1280x800 or whatever you want
    > apply > save to X > quit.
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    Re: display keeps changing to 800x600

    Glad you got yours to work. I'm still dead in the water myself.

    I never did try to reload the gdm after the driver install, I always did a 'sudo reboot' after the drivers were installed, and that's when I'd get that 'low res' pop-up.

    I'll try uninstalling then reinstalling as you indicated below, maybe there's something about that. My driver is a 'little' different, I believe I have the 14.09.

    Here's to hoping I have a similar experience.

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    Re: display keeps changing to 800x600

    I have the same problem on two machines (kubuntu 8.04). I have to copy xorg.conf on top of the current one to recover the desired high resolution. IMHO it is a bug-- it cannot possibly be a feature, can it?

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    Re: display keeps changing to 800x600

    This worked for me (Hardy 8.04, gf7800gs agp, 173.14.09 driver) but depending on YOUR pc I can't recommend it (may break other stuff so you do it at YOUR OWN risk).
    Uninstall "linux-restricted-modules". Re-install nvidia driver.

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    Re: display keeps changing to 800x600


    I had similar problems and they vanished after I installed the new version (173.14.09) of Nvidia's prprietary driver. Especially, it helped to delete the file with GDM stopped and let NVidia's tool 'nvidia-xconfig' write a new one.

    See also my post #10 in this thread:


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