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Thread: theme tweaking and customizing

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    theme tweaking and customizing

    Just a couple of general questions. I just downloaded Mariux's Hardy theme ( and installed it without any problems. However:

    1) It uses a customized version of the tangerine icons, from what I can tell. I love tangerine, except for the logout (Quit) button. It annoys me for some reason. Is there a way for me to switch it out? I have the icon I want to switch it with, I just don't know which files to replace.

    2) Firefox now uses black drop down boxes with gray text, which are very hard to read. Can I change this back? How?

    System > Preferences > Appearance > Customize > Colors > Input Boxes > Text

    3) Things like the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings Manager and the ribbon at the top of Firefox's settings dialog are beige text on a white background, also very hard to read. Can I change it and how?

    System > Preferences > Appearance > Customize > Colors > Input Boxes > Background

    I think if these three questions (or at least the last two) can be answered, I might actually use this theme for longer than a week Besides, I think it builds character for me to learn more about my operating system.
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