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Thread: Suspend and hibernate modes not working

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    Suspend and hibernate modes not working

    I used Hardy Heron in my Toshiba L30 Laptop. I cannot get the hibernate or the suspend mode to work. When I suspend or hibernate the computer, it does not start again, it goes to blank black screen with white cursor blinking at the top right and corner of the screen and systems hangs! I have to manually power off and restart. How do I get these options to work properly?

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    Re: Suspend and hibernate modes not working

    I'm having the same problem on my HP desktop

    I'm desperate for any kind of help I'll even pay money if it could get me somewhere.

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    Re: Suspend and hibernate modes not working

    It was the number 1 wish on the Ubuntu brainstorm....

    Better disable it altogether, for the time being:
    (number 4 )

    One comfort: Ubuntu boots fast, so you don't lose much time with full shutdown and full boot.
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