Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could direct me to some information on the safest (cleanest) way to uninstall ati drivers. So far I've been just using synaptic to remove any package that has fglrx in the name and it seems to work but I'm a relative noob and haven't had any luck finding a definitive procedure on the web or on these forums. I want to do a little experimentation with different versions of the drivers and the new kernel updates we've gotten since hardy's release. And although i can reinstall my whole setup in less than an hour, and know I'm clean that way, (had a lot of practice since fiesty ) it's kinda of a hassle and I'm sure it's faster and easier to not have to do that. Just trying to find the best driver kernel combo for my x1950 (which I bought 1 week before discovering the wonderful world of ubuntu )

Thanks in advance And hope everyone has a great weekend!