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Thread: Mythbuntu and lircrc problem

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    Unhappy Mythbuntu and lircrc problem (solved)

    I am trying to configure my remote to work with mthtv using the latest Mythbuntu. I used irrecord and got my lircd.conf file created. It seems to work correctly - when i run irw and press buttons on the remote all the right stuff appears on the console.

    I then tried making my lircrc file using When I try and run irxevent I get an error that says:
    irxevent: bad file format, /home/user/.lircrc:3
    Any thoughts on what the problem could be? I looked at the file and it seemed like everything was within the file format specified on the LIRC website.
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    Re: Mythbuntu and lircrc problem

    Fixed my own problem. Turns out that that website gave me a file with DOS line breaks at the end of each line. I used dos2unix to fix the file and it works like a charm.

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