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Thread: No Internet after Update

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    No Internet after Update

    I installed both the i386 and 64bit versions of ubuntu 8.04. With both my wireless and internet connection works before updating. As soon as I do the update I lose my internet. My wireless card is talking to the router/modem but no internet. It receives the ip address and everything, I can't figure this out. I have tried disabling the HAL in the drivers. I can't even type in the ip to connect to my router/modem. I have a netopia 3347NWG-006 router/modem and a netgear WG311T wireless card. When i done the the update it upgraded my kernel from 2.6.24-16-generic to 2.6.24-18-generic, I think maybe something happened there but I'm no expert. Any help appreciated.

    Adam Whiles

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    Re: No Internet after Update

    are you able to ping the router? also type ping in your terminal and post output here


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