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Thread: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues

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    Re: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues

    Quote Originally Posted by eismcsquare View Post
    This is my first post here, so please go easy on me guys.


    Thinkpad T60
    ATI Radeon X1400
    Dual Core Intel T2400 1.83GHz
    Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG
    Fingerprint Reader (not activated yet on Ubuntu)
    Dual partition with XP and Gutsy

    Problem: Laptop heating up/hight temperature. Laptop runs hotter on Ubuntu then when it runs on XP. Also, the area of right palm rest (near finger print reader) is hotter than that on left hand side.

    Now, its not to the critical point that it shuts down automatically, but after frying my earlier laptop (Dell with Suse) due to probably bad power management, I am a lot more concerned here.

    As my battery is dead, currently, system is plugged in all the time.

    Here are my sensor temperature (in degree C) [from tpfan]
    Sensor 0 57
    Sensor 1 38
    Sensor 2 38
    Sensor 3 78
    Sensor 8 43
    Sensor 9 52
    Sensor 10 51

    Fan speed: 3436 rpm

    This state is when I am not even running any Compiz effects. This is when all effects are disabled.

    I have searched this forum/internet up and down, and have yet to see any solution - hence starting up this thread in hope that somebody knows more now than earlier and has a solution. Or at least somebody else is facing similar problem so that I know its not my setup but some hardware issue.

    Here what I want to know first - If this is caused by fingerprint reader, would installed required driver/software for fingerprint reader and then enabling/disabling it would solve the problem? Has anybody done that?

    Or that the problem is somewhere else entirely?

    Other than this, I am simply loving Ubuntu.

    I don't know whether it will help you or not. I had the same issue with my R51 (Lenovo IBM ). And I got some abnormal sound in the m/c. I opened the m/c and found that the fan blades are broken. I have replaced the CPU fan and now it is running perfectly..

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    Re: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues


    I came to the forum looking for help on this same issue. Any insight would be appreciated. I have a Thinkpad T61, and since installing Ubuntu Karmic desktop edition, a week ago, my hard drive has been extremely hot. Some notes:

    - This is not a dirty fan issue, as I have recently reinstalled a worn out fan and heatsink.
    - This has nothing to do with the CPU, because the hot area is directly over the hard drive.
    - I notice that the hard drive spins all day long, whereas it was quiet on XP. Even during periods of inactivity, the drive is never "spun down."
    - This issue is a problem for a hot hard drive, hot hands, and general system wear from heat. The fan spins at maximum RPM all day, which will wear out the fan, also.

    I used iotop to see which programs are writing to disk, and it appears that [kdjoural2] writes to disk about once per minute. There is another command with "log" in the name that writes occasionally but it flashed onscreen quickly and I did not catch the name. I think there are two problems:

    1) The setting to "spin down the drive when inactive" seems to be "disabled" when on AC power. I believe this is via laptop-mode settings, but am not sure. I have switched laptop_mode in the config file to enabled, but this made no difference. I am not sure what steps to take to make sure laptop mode indeed turns on, and the drive indeed spins down when inactive. Maybe the laptop-mode settings are not the right idea. Is there a setting I should be using with hdparm to make the hard drive spin down?

    2) Even if laptop_mode is enabled, the frequent logfile writes might prevent the drive from ever spinning down (or worse, make it spin up and spin down once per minute, all day long). Does anyone have any ideas to solve this? I am a new Linux user and do not know which logs are essential, which can be turned off, how to turn them off, etc. I installed BUM to check my services, and I see that rsyslogd is already off. The pesky log file every minute is called kdjournal2 and sometimes pflush. I do not know what these do or how to disable them. An internet search did not help me.

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    Re: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues


    my thinkpad gets ridiculously hot. just having it on is apparently enough... fan currently running, can't even manage to keep up. but there's nothing that woul dindicate cpu activity, it's just hot...

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    Re: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues

    A few months ago I was using some compressed air, decided to give my CPU vent a good squirt and a bunch of dust came out. Temps are 5-10c cooler all the time now. I should've done it a long time ago, but forgot about the possibility of dust building up in there since it's a laptop.

    So, make sure your laptop is clean and dust free!

    Now, with an ambient temperature of about 85 degrees f and minimal system load with two monitors on ubuntu 9.10, my cpu temp is 52 degrees C and GPU is 70 degrees C. GPU is still a little high, but much better than it was. With lower ambient temperature they also get much lower.

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    Lightbulb Re: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues

    Hi eismcsquare,

    There are two further options you should consider that will impact on the generation of heat on your laptop:

    • Lack of dynamic power management with KMS enabled on the radeon video driver
    • Excessive Wakeups generated from <kernel scheduler>

    KMS Lacking dynamic power management

    The lack of dynamic power management with KernelModeSetting (KMS) when using the radeon driver is due in part to the kernel version of 10.04, and there may not be any immediate solutions to the problem without changing the kernel version to 2.6.34 or higher.

    While in Ubuntu 8.04 dynamic power management on the radeon driver was handled effectively by using:

       Option          "DynamicClocks"  "on"
    in your
    Sadly, this option will now not work with the current version of the radeon driver in Ubuntu 10.04. Given that 10.04 is a LTS version, lets hope this issue gets addressed elegantly, and soon.

    A possible solution is to use the ATI non-open drivers.

    Here's some reference for KernelModeSetting (KMS)

    Excessive Wakeups from <kernel scheduler>

    There's a bug in the current version of the kernel Ubuntu 10.04 uses, that leads to many more wakeups generated by the kernel scheduler than in previous versions. This leads to a lot more work, and thus heat generated on laptops. It's mentioned here and bug has been logged here.

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    Re: Thinkpad T60 Heating/Temperature issues

    Quote Originally Posted by djmurf View Post
    Just wanted to add to this.

    I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, and noticed my T61 laptop had been running real hot. I was running through a long java build, and temps climbed up to 89C, and I've been able to &quot;feel&quot; the heat when using the laptop ( from my hands on the keyboard )

    This is a T61 with core 2 duo 2.0ghz Nvidia graphics.

    I was sure it had something to do with the upgrade, but of course since I just upgraded, I was being ultra-sensitive to problems as most of us probably are.

    I tried everything, cpu script that would kick up the fan, and this did seem to help, although it didn't make any sense that I had to do this all of a sudden.

    After a few days of this, I finally decided top open it up, and see what was going on.

    I followed the field manual for pulling the keyboard, mouse bezel, frame bezel, speaker, and finally the fan, which is part of the heat sync assembly for the cpu and nvidia gpu.

    What was very interesting was 3 of the 4 cpu/fan screws were pretty tight, and one was almost finger loose ( probably the main cause here ).

    I went ahead and cleaned all of the grease off, and put on some new silver paste for both the cpu & gpu.

    Put her all back together, and voilla... back to normal temps.

    cpu at idle is about 44/45, gpu at 51.

    Under full load it hits about 69 max on the cpu.

    I guess the moral of my story is pay attention to the hardware, don't always look at the OS. Under normal conditions, the hardware is taking care of the fans & temps. If you're all of a sudden seeing high temps and nothing is running hard, or you're seeing temps above what you're used to seeing under load, look at your fans, syncs, & thermal paste. There's a good chance that's where your problem is.
    I had the same problem with my Thinkpad T61. For several years I thought it was a software problem. The BIOS has a high temperature threshold before the fan starts up. I used TPfan but it still couldn't keep temperatures in check. After 2 years of abnormally high temperatures (idle 60 C with gpu at 63 C, and high load at 85 C with gpu at 89 C) my fan finally gave out and I had to replace it. Upon removing the heatseat I noticed that the manufacturer had slopped on copious amounts of thermal paste. After replacing the heatsink, my laptop runs at a cool 45 C idle. It's a huge difference and I suggest everyone who has a laptop with heating issues to remove and reapply the thermal paste.

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