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Thread: update-initramfs disables encrypted partitions.

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    update-initramfs disables encrypted partitions.

    I'm quite surprised by Intrepid being so stable early on because I had bad experiences with late beta and release candidates of prior versions. However, whenever an update forces an update-initramfs, the new initramfs doesn't contain the scripting to decrypt my full drive encryption and I have to revert to my older initramfs (which is now backed up and GRUB points to, but I still test newer ones).

    Anyone else having this problem? I'm trying to isolate what exactly is missing before I report it.

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    Re: update-initramfs disables encrypted partitions.

    I'm pretty sure what's missing is the lsb-helper scripts; the cryptsetup stuff is still there, they just don't work because they try to include some files not in the initrd. Please file that bug, if there isn't one already .
    Remember: if your problem is not described on a Launchpad bug, it can only be fixed by accident!


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