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Thread: gtkpod/volume/suspend & hibernate problems

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    gtkpod/volume/suspend & hibernate problems

    Hi guys, thanks for taking a moment to read this. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    I recently installed Hardy on my Compaq Presario C300 laptop. It's been a largely positive experience, and any issues I've had I've been able to resolve either playing around with the machine or looking through the forum archives. I have three remaining problems though, and I hope you can help me with them.

    1 - I can use gtkpod to view my iPod's track listings and can play the music through Rythmbox, however I am unable to save any changes in gtkpod. It's a Windows formatted 80GB video model. I can connect and mount it without any problems but am unable to transfer tracks to it, delete tracks from it or change information such as song titles, artist names etc. I go through the steps, select "save changes" and nothing happens.

    2 - The volume on the machine is stuck at 100%. I can use the volume control buttons on the keyboard or use the graphical slider on the desktop panel, however the volume remains at full level, even when set to mute. I CAN change the volume within an application such as Movie Player or Rythmbox, however I'd prefer to be able to set this through the main volume control

    3 - If I attempt to sleep, hibernate or close the lid of the laptop, I can't wake it up! I need to power off and restart the machine. This is very inconvenient and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: gtkpod/volume/suspend & hibernate problems


    For main volume control you can use the command:
    and see if this works. I don't know why the volume control at panel is not working.
    And about the sleep and hibernate, I am suffering from the same problem but its not all the time that it doesnot wake up, like, it sometimes wakes and sometime I have to suspend the laptop again wake it up, it helped me though.

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    Re: gtkpod/volume/suspend & hibernate problems

    1. Banshee media player (as well as Rhythmbox) has native support for iPOD. You may also try Exaile, which has a good iPOD plugin.

    2. Open a terminal and type:
    Also, check that you set your device to ALSA (and not Pulseaudio) from the Volume (Mixer) applet.

    3. Seems to be a problem on some laptops.
    Though someone might have a solution.
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