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For your viewing pleasure, I proudly present the

Breezy Customization Guide

This guide is a continued WIP, and contains information/tips for streamlining your Breezy system, including the following:

1.1 Hardware Factor
3D Graphics Cards
How-To: Making ICM532 chipset based webcams work on Breezy

1.2 Multimedia and Graphics
Mplayer How-Tos
How-To: Install libdvdcss2 w32codecs and jre1.5 the easy way
How-To: Install DVD Shrink with Wine in Breezy
How-To: Run videos on yahoo launchcast website on Breezy

1.3 Networking Magic
Firefox How-Tos and Tips
How-To: Share files using Samba (the more secure way)
How-To: Setting up a VNC to GDM connection

1.4 Productivity and Office
True or Pseudo-Transparent Borderless Pop-up Terminals
Installing Wine
How-To: Install and Use Beagle Easily
How-To: Install checkgmail on Breezy
How-To: GnoCHM, a nicer way to view chm files
How-To: View NFO files
How-To: Install OpenOfice.org 2.0 on your system
TWEAK: Nicer Firefox form widgets
HOWTO: Thumbnails for OpenOffice.org 2 files

1.5 Development and Code

1.6 System Administration and Tweaking
Nautilus Scripts
How-To: Remove ubuntu icon and replace with original gnome panel icon
How-To: Bring back lost minimised windows
How-To: Install the KDE desktop environment
How-To: make QT apps look more Gnome-ish
How-To: Change the default usplash colors
How-To: Force filesystem check next time you boot
How-To: use Openbox in GNOME and by itself
How-To: Restore GRUB (if your MBR is messed up)
How-To: Kernel Compilation for Newbies

1.7 Security
List of Security Tools

1.8 Eye candy
Transparent Terminals


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