I just installed Kubuntu 12.10 on an old Dell Optiplex GX260 with 1.5G RAM. It installed without any issues, and the screen looked right at first glance, but when you start applications or start navigating in Dolphin, for example, it leaves little mouse trails and the color rendering is haywire when selecting file icons in Dolphin, so that filenames become unreadable.

Apparently the video on the motherboard is non-functional, so it is using an NVIDIA SVGA adaptor that has "PWA-G4000PRO/GRAPHIC CARD" printed on its back side.

When I run KInfoCenter,and click OpenGL, the KInfoCenter crashes, so I cannot see how this video adaptor is recognized by the system.

So my question is: Is there anything I can do to get the system to use some other mode of this video adaptor that will make the desktop usable for basic things?