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Thread: No front panel 'phones sound or mic

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    No front panel 'phones sound or mic

    Can anyone offer advice for this problem? I'm not getting any sound from the headphone jack on the front panel of my homebuilt Ubuntu box. The mic jack doesn't work, either. This is a fresh install of Hardy on a brand new machine.

    I've ruled out the hardware and I've tried every alsa setting available. The terminal tells me I've got a Realtek ALC883 Codec on the Intel type Jetway motherboard.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: No front panel 'phones sound or mic

    Right click on the volume applet and select Open Volume Control. Go to Edit > Preferences and enable things that you think you might need. Check through all of the settings. It took a lot of playing around to get my mic input to work.
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