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Thread: Ad-hoc vista--->ubuntu setup

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    Ad-hoc vista--->ubuntu setup

    Hi to you all,
    I run into some trouble trying to configure a small wireless network for personal use. I have an desktop computer running Vista which is connected to the internet using lan adapter. This computer has a second lan device wich is connected to my laptop. Using this set-up I can connect to the internet from my laptop. I would like to do the same thing but using two wireless usb sticks. What I have done so far:
    - on the desktop side, I have disabled the secondary lan connection, pluged in my Asus wl-167G stick. The card was configured to use static IP: I have disabled ICS and then re-enabled it. I also have created an ad-hoc network using the Vista built-in wireless client, with ESSID:mmihasan, Security Type: No authentication(open), Encryption type: WEP, Network security key: simon. I connect the desktop to this network and the status is:Waiting for users to connect.
    - on the notebook side. It is an old compaq armada laptop, running an basic install of Ubuntu 8.04 an top of which Xfce was instaled. The wireless adapter is an D-Link DWL-G122 revison C1. I would say that the adapter is working using the rt73usb adapter. I am tring to connect to the wireless network using the network manager applet from system tray. I right click it and hit connect to other wireless network. In the window wich pops up I enter Network Name: mmihasan,Wireless security: WEP128Bit passphrase, passphrase: simon, Authentication: open system. I hit connect, the icons is animated and the status is: attempting to connect to the wireless network mmihasan. After 1 or two minutes the wireless network key required windows pop up again, asking for the Wireless security, passphrase and Authentication. I reenter then, hit connect and the same thing happens again.
    What did I do wrong?
    Any clues that could help my solve this problem would be really apreciated.

    Sorry for my poor english
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