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Thread: best ultra portable for linux

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    best ultra portable for linux

    Hi Guys,

    I have $3500AU to spend, and I'm in the market for an ultralight portable notebook that will run ubuntu out of the box without too much messing around, i.e. I'm happy to get the sound working, and nvidia drivers installed, but I have work to do, and I can't be seen messing about with the O/S.

    So here is what I'm after.

    Small laptop, minimum 12" screen
    +4 hours battery life
    optical drive a bonus
    hdd doesn't matter (I'm a developer and 80gb is overkill for what I need)
    prefer dedicated video..
    webcam preferable
    something that is supported so I can hibernate and restore quite quickly (under 30 seconds)

    Any ideas? If I can't find something I think I'm going to have to buy a mac, and ditch ubuntu. Since I really need the unix interface.
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    Smile Re: best ultra portable for linux

    If you buy a Mac, you can run Ubuntu anyway as a Dual Boot, there's a really good Ubuntu Magazine article on the web for why the MacBook is the best Ubuntu machine.. and supports all your criteria.

    You may need to scroll down through the article a bit to get to the MacBook/Ubuntu review; It starts on page 15.

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    Re: best ultra portable for linux

    You know, on second thoughts, if you're just going to get the portable for the sole use of Linux, maybe the macbook isn't the best option. After all, a substantial amount of the overall cost of the macbook is paying for the operating system... Maybe you'd be better off with a dell or PC branded laptop.
    But to be honest, I recommend Leopard more than Linux. (Which isn't really the best thing to say on an Ubuntu forum), but seriously, it's a lot more user friendly, and it maxxes out the UNIX system, without having to learn a bunch of commands. The GUI is a lot more fine tuned, albeit a little less customisable. But overall I'd pick Leopard every time.

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    Re: best ultra portable for linux

    Look at these specs
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