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Thread: Anyone know of a good ffmpeg guide?

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    Anyone know of a good ffmpeg guide?

    The --help for ffmpeg is overwhelming, and the documentation isn't thorough enough. Does anyone know of a good ffmpeg guide? There's a lot I can do with it, I know, but it's not at all newbie-friendly.
    Quote Originally Posted by YAOMTC
    Well, I've come up with this.

    ffmpeg -i benny_lava.avi -s 72x54 -t 14 -r 25 -pix_fmt rgb24 benny_lava.gif
    The problem, though, is that somehow the GIF ends up being 7 seconds instead of 14; thus, double the speed.

    Also, how does the GIF, which is much smaller in frame size than the ~650KB AVI and without audio, end up 1.5MB?
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