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Thread: need newby guide for ftp server

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    need newby guide for ftp server

    I have been looking at proftpd vsftpd and truthfully, I cant figure out where the files go that a client could download.
    is there any easy guide out there to tell me step by step?

    I simply need an anonymous ftp server setup on the local network.
    Where I can put 2 files. And I need to know the website access url that would point to these 2 files in that folder.

    It seems like all the documentation assumes you already know a lot of stuff and deals mainly with specialty configuration parameters.

    I got further with this until I got a cryptic warning
    vsftpd: refusing to run with writable anonymous root

    'What this cryptic message means is that your ftp root directory is writable. Since it's anonymous, vsftpd doesn't like that. chmod -w the ftp root to get rid of this common error. '

    OK, this statement assumes you know where to chmod -w something, but gives no idea where to do this

    nothing in here about where files go?

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    Re: need newby guide for ftp server

    Look in your vsftp.conf and look for a directive called "anon_root".

    man vsftp.conf


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