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Thread: Burnt LiveCD won't start from boot

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    Burnt LiveCD won't start from boot

    Hey folks. I'm trying to install Hardy on a friend's computer. She has a Dell Inspiron (Newish) and I burned the disc myself yesterday. She's running Vista currently (It's giving me a huge headache in copying files alone!), and when I switch the BIOS to boot from the optical drive, all I get is a blank screen with a blinking dash.
    I'm sure the disc is burned properly, as I can see the file name for the iso, and I went through all the steps I've gone through a thousand times before.
    Has anyone had this issue previously? Might it be a faulty burn? My friend is desperate to ditch Vista, and I'm excited to show her Open Source solutions that work. Thanks for any ideas.
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    Re: Burnt LiveCD won't start from boot

    Have you checked the integrity of the Ubuntu CD by running the verification function that is found on the initial Ubuntu boot screen menu ?

    Have you tried this CD on another computer ?

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    Re: Burnt LiveCD won't start from boot

    Did you use Nero or similar? Make sure you burn the .iso correctly onto the disc. Just copying it to the disc may not work, it needs to be made 'bootable', which Nero can do (in Windows that is, not sure what to use in Ubuntu, but give the Repos a search!)

    If you've done that, try reburning it, might just be a simple bur error!

    EDIT: In Ubuntu 8.10, Applications>Sound & Video>Brasero Disc Burning.

    Then burn image!
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    Re: Burnt LiveCD won't start from boot

    its probobly a bad disc
    usually you can burn a .iso file to a disc with the program that pops up when you put the blank cd in
    should work fine

    i know mine did


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