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Thread: iam a dam fool

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    iam a dam fool

    i downloaded wubi Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop Edition.

    which is the frist time i have used anything like this, have to how great it to be part of this world now.

    but i did soming very very bad, i went back into windows think i keep it just in case, so i thought i clean it out to move all my documents eta, over into Ubuntu and then i clear out all u wanted stuff and yes i saw ubuntu file in my window xp.
    i thought that it was now not beeing used and delete the wubi file(oh my buddha)
    i cant load Ubuntu Desktop Edition now, it says error 15 file not found and will no longer load unbuntu their fore i cant get to all my files. can any one please please can help.
    it very inportant.

    at best to make it run again or wrost to try to get my documant back.

    please make sure u keep the anwers so a even a dead monky would understand


    thank u

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    Re: iam a dam fool

    You already received several replies about the issue in this thread:

    Tou might want to stick with that one and work with the people who tried to get information and help.


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