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Thread: Wine + MS Office 2003 + "bold bug": how to apply patch?

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    Wine + MS Office 2003 + "bold bug": how to apply patch?


    this is a beginner's question.

    I am on xubuntu gutsy and running wine 0.9.59.

    I managed to install MS Office 2003 but I have the "bold bug" that was recently fixed:

    However, I don't quite understand how to apply this patch, as I cannot find the "freetype.c" file anywhere on my system.

    Do I have to compile Wine from source to do this (which would be terrible), or can I apply it any other way?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Re: Wine + MS Office 2003 + "bold bug": how to apply patch?

    You'll have to compile from source, but it isn't so painful!

    You'll have to uninstall your current version of wine from synaptic, I believe.

    The latest wine release (well, release candidate ) is here (although if it's a while before you see this message check for the latest release.

    Download it and extract it somewhere (I have a Sources directory in my home folder for this). You'll want to keep the source folder, so put it somewhere safe.

    In a terminal run "sudo apt-get build-dep wine". That'll install a whole load of stuff and fix your dependency issues.

    Download your wine patch. Last time I patched, I saved it in the same folder as the files needing patching. I'm not sure if that's required.

    Now navigate in a terminal to the folder where the patch file is.

    You'll need to run "patch -p1 < ./name-of.patch"

    You can make sure it'll work first by doing "patch -p1 --dry-run < name-of.patch"

    Then run /path/to/wine/source/tools/wineinstall/

    If everything has thus far gone to plan, compiling will take a while. That should work, if it doesn't, I'm not an expert on the matter so I might not be of much use.

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    Re: Wine + MS Office 2003 + "bold bug": how to apply patch?

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